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Irish Foods

Irish Foods
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  • Batchelors Baked Beans


    Batchelors is Ireland’s leading brand in canned Baked Beans. Baked beans in a delicious tomato sauce, try them over toasted Brennans bread. Fibre filled yumminess in tasty tomato sauce. Great on toast. For some extra flavour try adding in some chilli spice.w580100

  • Bisto


    Bisto is Ireland and the UK’s favourite gravy so they know how important it is to making your meal a success. That’s why they’re dedicated to helping you get the gravy right every time. Bisto has a smooth texture so it’s easier to mix, giving you the perfect gravy to pour over all your favourite meals. w580505

  • Branston Pickle


    Cross & Blackwells unique Branston combination of tangy crunch spicy sweet pickle with smaller chunks for easier spreading. Keep in handy for sandwichs toased cheese salads cold meats and anything else you fancy.  w581316

  • Cadbury Buttons


    Smooth delicious Buttons.xc4000

  • Crunchie Bar

  • Curly Wurly


    Curly Wurly – Imagine a chewy caramel ladder. Now drape it in delicious milk chocolate – around since 1970, CurlWurl is still a firm favourite.xc4040